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Do you want to deliver a successful project? With, SPP, the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of quality fire protection pump packages you get Unrivaled experience in design and manufacture together with advanced testing and accreditation to ensure your project is successful.
SPP fire pumps comply with the demanding requirements of the LPCB, FM and UL approval standards and meet all the requirements of NFPA 20.


Wide Choice of Materials

Easy Maintenance

End Suction Pump

SPP FM/UL Unistream and Eurostream range of pumps approved for fire protection by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), Factory Mutual Approvals (FM) and Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (UL), all of which are fully compliant to NFPA 20. Other approvals held by SPP include APSAD, CNBOP, ZUS and PSB.

High Efficieny



Split Case Pump

SPP Thrustream and Hydrostream range of pumps approved for fire protection by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), Factory Mutual Approvals (FM) and Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (UL), all of which are fully compliant to NFPA 20. Other approvals held by SPP include APSAD, CNBOP, ZUS and PSB.

Space Saving


Low Maintenance

Vertical Turbine Pump

SPP Vertical Turbine range of pumps approved for fire protection Factory Mutual Approvals (FM) and Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (UL) and fully compliant to NFPA 20.

Space Saving

Low Maintenance


Multi Stage Multi Outlet Pump

SPP Multi Stage Multi Outlet range of pumps approved for fire protection by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). Other approvals held by SPP include FM, UL, APSAD, CNBOP, ZUS and PSB.

Fully Custom

Simple Setup

Full Pump Package

Pump House Packages

The ultimate in tailor made fire protection pump packages are the SPP pump house packages, housing pumps, control systems and pipe work. After simply connecting the water and power supplies on site, the unit is immediately operational

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SPP Water Pumps, Reliability For Your Project

SPP has an extensive range of products suitable for a variety of applications to solve your pumping needs. From End Suction through to Custom Engineered Vertical or Split Case pumps we have reliable and well proven products to offer you to solve your hardest problems.

50+ Year Life

Modular Design

Easy Maintenance

Split Case Pump

Thrustream is specially designed for industrial/general purpose users and is one of a comprehensive range of split case products available from SPP. Each range is designed to meet the particular needs of the markets it serves. The split case design facilitates quick and easy access to the pump internals for routine inspection and maintenance. Interchangeability throughout the range minimises number of components, therefore, saving stock holding of spare parts within factories or buildings.

Easy Maintenance

Low Operting Cost

Easily Removable

Single & Multi Stage Vertical Turbine Pump

Highly and easily maintained, SPP’s Lowest Life-cycle Cost Series of single and multi-stage Vertical Turbine pumps have been designed for longevity and incorporate many standard features, which facilitate ease of maintenance.

Modular Construction

DIN 24254 Conformity

Heavy Duty

Multi Stage Pump

The heavy-duty, multistage pump boasts a variety of construction material options and generously rated bearings meet the demands of both water and industrial applications. CFD-tuned hydraulics and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques optimise efficiencies and minimise running costs, whilst rigid, durable and fabricated steel baseplates prevent distortion.

UL Standards

DIN 24255 Conformity

Centerline Discharge

Unistream End Suction Pump

The Unitstream End Suction Pump conforms to EN 733/DIN 24255 dimensional standards for use in industrial, building services and many OEM applications.

This range is designed with a back-pull out facility allowing removal of the hydraulic rotating element without disturbance of the pipework or motor.

Close Coupled

Space Saving

DIN 24960

Eurostream End Suction Pump

Eurostream End Suction Pump The Eurostream range of End Suction pumps provides close coupled versions of the SPP Pumps Unistream which is designed based on the DIN 24255 standard.

The range covers 25 pump sizes from 32mm to 125mm discharge affording 190 pump/motor combinations.

The Eurostream’s cost effective design promotes space saving and eliminates problems associated with baseplate and coupling alignment leading to lower installation and capital costs

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We realize in this age of increasing emphasis on whole life cost when evaluating your pumping schemes for the twenty-first century has lead to the development of the Lowest Life-cycle Cost Series of pumps for you and your projects.

Energy & Carbon Savings For Your Project

The energy and payback index enables a higher capital cost pump with higher efficiency, to be assessed against a lower cost / lower efficiency alternative. The index provides an estimated payback time for the higher cost pump, together with an energy and CO2 emissions saving per annum (based on pumping water at ambient temperature).

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Your Requirements

  • Extremely removable bearing housing
  • Ease of Maintenance, Bearings and Seals Can Be removed without removing top half casing
  • Hard Metallic serrated Casing wear ring
  • Long Life and reduced energy consumption
  • Throttle bush
  • Reduce energy consumption and facilitates suction life with single mechanical seal
  • Customer Specified mechanical seal

Your Benefits

  • Site std. and customer specified options accommodated. Facilitate suction lift with single cartridge seal option.
  • Universal Seal chamber
  • Accept most available cartridge seal or normal gland packing
  • Shaft as std., stainless steel, corrosion resistant
  • API type Double raw thrust bearing assembly
  • L10 Life excess 50, 000 .00 working hours under all design load condition
  • Precision casting in austenitic stainless steel as standard

Your Success

  • Increased Component life
  • Double volute casings where radial loads dictate
  • Enhanced bearing life
  • Efficiency Enhancing potable water approved coating
  • Standard on water industry applications, optional for industrial
  • Positively locked and keyed to pump shaft
  • Easily removable positively driven

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For more than 130 years, SPP’s robust, trusted engineering has provided critical performance across diverse industry applications including oil and gas, water, power generation, construction, mining and fire protection.

  • NFPA Certified
  • UL/FM Accreditied
  • LPCB
  • BSI
  • ISO 9001 accredited
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Low Cost Cycle
  • Low Maintenance

SPP Pumps Are Trusted By


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