Control Panel Assembly

For pumps and Pump Sets applications:
All our control systems for any application are assembled and developed in-house.

We can develop custom design control systems as per your needs. Our R&D department is regularly engaged in the design and development of complete projects and works closely with our mechanical engineers in the field of PLC programming, the design of control cabinets, and hydrodynamics.

Our controllers offer a range of features that increase insight and control over the system so that you, as an owner or manager, have full control of your system and can monitor its status.

• Set up via Man-machine interface or laptop
• Non-urgent and urgent alarm contact
• High and low-pressure alarm
• Dry run protection using a level sensor, pressure sensor or switches etc.
• Extra alarm outputs as per the requirement of the customer/client/end users.

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We have an in-house production capacity of 3000 systems/year.

Full design and assembly of complete control cabinet systems and hydrodynamics

Our controls ensure your pumps run at the optimum speed and uniform distribution of workload across pumps

Our facility and assembly process is ISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO45001 accredited

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