The Al Sagar Pump Testing Facility in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, is the largest in the MENA region and can test the older and new generations of pumps, which have high capacity and pressure.

The facility is equipped with a centralized operation hub from where our control desk with digital monitors/displays is connected to various instruments with a control valve installed at the testing site.

The pump testing process can be done automatically, and all measurement data can be directly entered into the pump data sheet required by customers. This creates a quick and efficient performance test process.

Our facility is also equipped with Variable Speed Drive (VSD), which enables it to test pumps powered up to 1 MW.

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Our facility has the capability to test Motor Driven Pump Sets up to 1 MW, 50Hz.

Testing to BSS, ISO, DIN, FM, and UL Standards. Additionally we are ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certified/Approved

Variable Speed Inverter capable of testing all combinations of pump sets

We can also simulate positive or negative suctions i.e.,NPSH Testing, Noise and Vibration Tests.

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Pump Testing Facility Specs

  • Pump Type: End Suction, Horizontal Split case, Multistage, Vertical Suspended, Vertical Turbine, Submersible, Positive Displacement
  • Pump Size: High Pressure, up to 40 bars, High Capacity up to 7200 m3/hr and 1MW
  • Pumped Media: Water with ambient temperature and elevated temperature
  • Power Supply: 415 volts, power source
  • Pump Speed: At rated speed and reduced speed: rated speed up to 630KW input power and reduced speed for bigger pump driver up to 1 MW driver rating
  • Diesel Engine: Diesel engine pump testing can be done with a client supplied motor.

Pump Testing Equipment

  • Piping: High pressure piping up to 16 inch (DN 400mm). Customized piping system avaialbe for greater than 16 inch
  • Valve: Butterfly and globe valve 1 inch up to 16 inch; manual and motorized control.
  • Flow Meter: Magnetic Flow Meter
  • Control Panel System: Centralized operation from our control desk with digital monitors / displays. Parameters: Variable frequency drive, low voltage (up to 630 kW) and up to 1 MW on low frequency.
  • Instrument: Temperature, Suction and Discharge Pressure
  • Water Reservoir: 100m3 water sump separated by concrete water gate for suction water level control
  • Measurement Tools: Vibration probe, temperature gun & sensor, sound test, digital tachometer tools.
  • Up to 6.5 tons Overhead Crane

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