Al Sagar Engineering Company LLC.

Al Sagar Engineering Co. LLC was formed in 1970 in the United Arab Emirates as a general contracting company.After our JV partnership with Abu Dhabi based Suwaidi Engineering Group in 1990, Al Sagar Engineering’s main focus has grown to include various contracting works on some of the most high profile projects in the UAE as well as becoming one of the leading professional suppliers of pumps, generators, aircraft landing systems and various fluid management equipment  in the UAE.

Al Sagar Engineering aims to provide best in class service and facilities to our clients and principals in the UAE. With an outstanding history spanning  40 years, our reputation is second to none as we strive for excellence in engineering services and supplies via continued expansion and development.

Our People.

Our focus on engineering excellence is only surpassed by our commitment to our clients and breeding a culture of merit amongst our highly skilled employees and staff. Al Sagar Engineering’s management have a combined XXX years of experience not only in the field of engineering, but in the UAE as well.  We employ XXX across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.